Therapy Network - Therapist Directory Contact is being build to become the world wide leading resource on the Internet for all services related to Psychology, Psychiatry and family and child services. The directory is being built to list Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT), Licenses Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), drug treatment centers, alcohol treatment centers, locations of 12 step meetings and more.

One objective will be to help the consumer properly select the right therapist for the job. This can be complicated as the degree of education, experience and psychological paradigm can have a great effect on your perceived success or failure with a psychological practitioner.

For example, would you expect to get better help from a Psychologist with a Ph.D. who has practiced for 1 year versus an MFT who has practiced marriage and family therapy for 20 years? Once therapist may be trained with a cognitive approach (looking for reasons and explanations to help guide you) while another therapist has a behavior approach (follow these steps, reward for good behavior; punishment for unwanted behavior). This is over simplified but the point is made. There are vast differences in experience, education and approach to therapy.

What makes this more challenging is that by the time you desire to enter therapy, consumers are often at their weakest point. It is not easy to make a skillful educated decision on the type of therapist, cost of each, etc. Adding more to the confusion are “life coaches” charging as much as a therapist but have no degree, certification or license. It is possible to get help from there individuals, but this site does not support or recommend anyone who is an unlicensed practitioner in working with your Psychological needs. There is no higher authority to complain to and no threat of loosing a license if they make very serious mistakes. will also include a helpful selection tool and the proper questions to ask a therapist before you make your selection. The goal here is to help the consumer ask the right questions and make a good selection, especially when your defenses are down.  It is more than seeing a smiling face on a website or a soft tone over the phone. This does not guarantee a good outcome; nothing can guarantee this.

This site will also make a directory to support 12 step programs of every kind as a general resource. It will also include a comprehensive list of drug and alcohol treatment centers. Drug and alcohol abuse is typically a symptom of a larger psychological concern. will support the pros and cons of the treatment industry and help direct your decision on where you may be investing between $25,000 to $100,000 a month on treatment services. This will include the proper questions to ask and to help navigate this very difficult choice.

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