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Integrity Program

Provider Conduct

Health Network One Providers shall not abuse, neglect, exploit, or maltreat members in any way, whether by omission, through acts, or by failing to deter others from acting. If the Provider becomes aware that a member has been subjected to any abuse, neglect, exploitation, or maltreatment, the Provider's first duty is to protect the member's health and safety.

Provider Education and Support

Health Network One Provider Network Representatives, in addition to the information available in the Provider Manual, conduct ongoing training, which may include webinars and web-based tutorials as deemed necessary by the Health Plan Partner or state agency to ensure compliance with the Health Plan Partner or state agency program standards. These standards include annual distribution of general compliance, HIPAA, Cultural Competency, FWA, and any health plan-specific training. Health Network One maintains evidence of annual training completion, and all Providers within our network are required to complete the training.

Provider Cultural Competency

Health Network One Providers and their staff will ensure that services are provided in a culturally competent manner to all contracted Health Plan members and practitioners according to local cultures, demographics, and ethnicity. Therapy Network has created a cultural competency policy to ensure that effective medical services are provided. Health Network One participating Providers and their staff shall not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, race, color, age or national origin, health status, pre-existing condition, or need for health care services, and shall not use any policy practice that has the effect of such discrimination. This policy recognizes Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and all other applicable national, state, and/or local laws that prohibit the practice of discrimination.