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Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Health Network One and affiliated companies require all contractors (and providers) and subcontractors to report violations and suspected violations on the part of its employees, associates, persons, or entities providing care/services to beneficiaries. Examples of said violations include bribery, false claims, conspiracy to commit fraud, theft or embezzlement, false statements, mail fraud, health care fraud, obstruction of a state and/or federal health care fraud investigation, money laundering, failure to provide medically necessary services, marketing schemes, illegal remuneration schemes, identity theft, etc. Once a problem or suspected violation has been reported, the Organization pledges to investigate and resolve the issue quickly. The Organization will not retaliate against you for reporting ethics or compliance violations in good faith.

You can report suspected violations by submitting the form below. Please note that you can file a report anonymously.

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(866) 321-5550 (Toll-Free)


Special Investigative Unit (SIU)

2001 South Andrews Avenue
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(866) 276-3667
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